10 Months of (Relative) Solitude

t has taken me a long time to write this last blog post. I think I have been waiting for the perfect moment or sign to tell me open this Word document that I created ten months ago. But as the calendar has crept closer to the 31st of May, I have shied further away. Continue reading 10 Months of (Relative) Solitude



I feel, not to the same extent, a lot of that uncertainty now about going home. I’ll only be there for a week before heading back to finish up the remainder of my grant, but still. I know I’m about to experience some reverse culture shock. What I’m bracing myself for isn’t the shock itself, but what those shocks are going to be. Continue reading Portmanteau

10 Things I Know to be True at the Almost Halfway Point

I have been in Colombia for over four months. When I studied abroad in Spain, the idea of being abroad for four months sounded and felt so long. I feel, now, that I have barely scratched the surface of this country. In one more month I will have reached the halfway point. There’s so many places I still want to see, things I still want … Continue reading 10 Things I Know to be True at the Almost Halfway Point